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Here another interview that i do almost a year ago for my zine, along with DeadxAlley. if you ask me why i interest with this band? the answer is simple = they're fukkin brutal!!!!!,their latest EP with Hellbastard prove it,i found this band when i searching for Dissect [ also a great band from Finland],but the result make me meet Dissent with their Strength Trough Chaos EP,this album always blasting in my cell-phone[ yeah fukkk,i don't have record player] when i ride my motorcycle, and thanx to essa from Zudas Krust who kind enough to give me Strengh Trough Chaos EP, OK enuff said here's the interview, if you curious about this band,you know what to do [you read blog isn't it, so you can us a monster called google right ?]
1. Dissent is a common word in English, even Misery Index have an album with this title,and I found lot of bands use this as their name, why you use it? And have you ever get blind date with that name, maybe from people who think you’re another dis-clone band ?
We actually ran into this name when we were young and did not realize that a lot of bands had taken this name at the time. We wanted to keep the anarcho-punk ideas alive in our band when we formed so we picked DISSENT as a way to convey our anti-authoritarian stance. I’m sure people think we might be a d-beat band, nevertheless since Ben joined the band, we were more just straight Crust.
2. Strength trough chaos is your first ep right ? how come you can make a devastating metallic crust like that, eating grenades? And I think it’s quite different with By any means necessary, or you have another view, tell us about it ?

Strength Through Chaos is an EP release that got put out on CD. The original idea was to have less songs, and have it released on a 7inch. Vinyl will be coming out this year (2010). We also had a Martyr of the Apocalypse EP on tape that we released in 2009 also. To us, we see it as a heavier, more put together and metallic version of By Any Means… but pretty much going with the same ideas for the music, just more of a developed sound.
3. i don't know how it's happen but i heard your ep along with Stagnation ep and Contagium ep, and all of them play in one territory which is metal punk or stenchcore, is it a sign that stenchcore will take the throne from dark heavy his tragedy is rise neo crust , and do you know the bands that i mentioned above ?
Yes, I’d definitely say that crust lately is heading towards the heaviness, and more metallic in its nature. We played with Stagnation when they came to Texas with Sanctum. That 7inch they released is fucking killer. We really like the scandi-deathmetally sounding Crust!
4. Do you believe in martial arts like kung fu or tae kwon do, coz every time I watch it, the story basicly same, the master must pass lot of exams and chaos to make them strong, see!? there’s a relationship with the title of your ep, or maybe you believe in another philosophy, anarchy maybe ?
Strength Through Chaos is referring to what we will have to endure through the tough times to come, and that we will have strength from reigning chaos on the establishment. It’s more to do with the anarchist message than anything else. But you can also interpret it in the sense that as a person in society, you must struggle through the chaotic and unjust world that capitalism forces us to live in.
5. Houston is your hometown right? As a victim of Hollywood brainwashed movie, this sentence nailed in my head “ Houston, we get a problem”, so how the scene in Houston, is it kick ass with lot of problem?,coz I only know Pretty Little Flower , thanks god I only know them, coz if I know everything, government will ask me for help?
All the band except me are native Houstonians, or from the outer suburbs. I was born in the UK but I grew up in Argentina, coming to Houston in 2004. DISSENT started in 2005. PLF was the first GCHC (gulf coast hard core) band I remember seeing. We have a really close knit community of DIY punk/metal here in Houston. With a great range of ripping bands. Just to name a few that came out of our scene; PLF, Insect Warfare, 50/50, El Desmadre, now us and War-Master.
6. Dismember and legion of Swedish metalheads give perfect image of metalheads with long hair and beard, and that’s my impression when I heard your ep, ah old metalhead long haired up the devil horn, but no!! you’re so young at last for my 30age and have no beard,make me shame, coz I still love steelheart, any story why you decide to play this style rather that lame ass nu metal jock, and do you think newer generation of this style will get the same place like the ancestor, coz many old bands from this genre reunion and play gain, like deviated instinct etc, for you is it a competition or anything else ?
Haha, yeah, two of us can grow real beards, but we are lacking the big grizzly beards that you mention from Dismember. We are all in our early twenties, but we’ve been together for 5 years already. We hope that crust doesn’t turn into jock metalcore, that would fucking suck!
7. I just read a story of Indonesian collegian who study in US, she ask why the people who love on party and free sex can be a superpower nation than we Indonesia, I will save the answer of the Indonesian in my crusty vest, I want you to answer it, and do you think US is the best country in the world? Coz just like in HC/Punk , bands from your country always get more attention that anyone else, except for the exotic value, reviewer will write the best part of this release is they came from Timbuktu is something common isn't it?
We do not think that the U.S. is the best country in the world… The U.S. probably gains more attention because it is the superpower and has control of a lot of the media propagated throughout the world. Also we probably have more technology and more faster means of communication maybe? But I do think it is unfair that the U.S. gets more attention than a lot of other scenes. Maybe it’s because of the long history of hardcore punk and metal here too.
8. Record release always connected with packaging, how far you care about packaging of your record, coz maybe in the past there's no purpose to make limited edition, but now with yellow splatterblood glow in the dark color vinyl, is it just like e-bay auction minded? and why you release tape instead of vinnyl? i really appreciate it coz the proper format in here is tape.
We don’t give a fuck about centering releases for Ebay auctions… We did a tape because our label didn’t end up putting it out, so we chose to do it by ourselves. We care a lot about our packaging, we want good imagery conveying the ideas in our songs and the more brutal, the better.
9. Obama cancelled his tour to Indonesia, so maybe you can replace him, coz i prefer you make nightmare in here than legion of secret service, you know the issue behind his reason to canceled his tour , coz i only hear that something about michael moore movies behind this, health insurance? and how you deal with this issue, do you have health insurance ?
We don’t know about why Obama cancelled, maybe something to do with the diplomatic relations with other super-power China. Most people we know either don’t have health insurance, or they are covered by one of their parent’s jobs. But it is very expensive here and many people do not have it. 
10. In USA youth gone wild with guns, and shot their friends, currently a 3 years old child in Indonesia, smokes a pack of cigarrete a day and appears on television, so do you believe with something that written on PE sites? if we have a children we have a future, do you have children ? and how will you teach them ? sing hellbastard song
That’s disturbing, to hear that a 3 yr old is smoking like that… I believe that if you have kids, raise them to think for themselves and guide them to becoming part of the resistance against the status quo.
11. And yeah i heard your ep from file sharing, i don't know if you will blame coz i didn't buy your album, but it's something that hard to afford, coz buy an album with postage rate will eat my quarter of salary, and even i download from internet i use computer in my office and steal the connection, so how your opinion about file sharing, and have you ever think that you will get interview from punk in indonesia due to file sharing ?
We don’t have a problem with file sharing as long as people buy vinyl and tapes to keep supporting DIY scenes. Our scenes are based on bands that need to get their releases out, but we understand that downloading plays an important role in DIY today. We download music but we also buy vinyl of the bands we like, it’s better sounding on record too! Keep DIY alive.
12. Do you love comic or artwork, coz almost every HC/punk band related to this thing, on their record cover, sleeve and merch, for us in here US is identical with Superheroes, and superman save my childhood from being kids with no imagination coz old regime control the media , and it's hard to get something fun and interesting on the past, but Superman comic who always come as a bonus from one of soap product change it, that 's my real introduction to something interesting to read, so how about you guys ? any of you who love comic from DC or Marvel and their connectivity with Hollywood and their Propaganda on their movies, even the movies adapted from Comic
We love comic books and fantasy stories like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I grew up reading and watching Batman. That is why we have an element of that type of fantasy in our artwork, the anti-hero zombie punk with the bandana and eagle wings that slaughters police.
13. Your lyrics seems dark and not optimistic, and it's match with your musick, do you have a purpose to make soundtrack for armaggedon and what do you expect from people when they hear your songs? become party animal ?
Some lyrics are dark and not optimistic, but some definitely are optimistic; about having a chance to wreak vengeance upon those who are in power and cause injustice throughout the world. We have songs that talk about finally revolting and creating communities of our own, autonomous from capitalism. When the apocalypse comes, maybe that will be our time to rise up.
14. Do you love Zombie, coz when i read your lyrics i feel that you told us about world in the future that will full of zombie after nuclear bombs explode ?
We love zombies! Haha.. There is somewhat of a story line to our band. The character you always see on our artwork is a fallen hero, with newly acquired superpowers. He came back from the dead to wreak havoc on those who did him injustice; the police, the ruling elite, the government, etc.
15. What's the hottest issue in your country now, i just want a view from US people , coz we always keen to know about Amerikka, cos maybe US is the center of the universe, even Obama's childhood in Indonesia is become a comodity in here, even there's an add in TV use people who has a face like obama as their talent ?
My apartment doesn’t own a television with cable. So I am slightly disconnected from mainstream media. But last thing I heard, people were talking about the healthcare bill. Oh, and in Texas the Board of Education just changed their curriculum to be very right-wing leaning. They took out of the educational curriculum a lot of historical people that were in Civil Rights and they defend McCarthyism (the guy who persecuted “Communists” in the Red Scare of 50’s, 60’s).
16. Oil and war in gulf coast right, petro dollars war, i don't want to ask you about US troops and taliban, but how we depend to much to oil, and another fossl product, from cook to tour even we call it gas money , so as punk who think that must enviromental friendly, what's the thing that you do to decrease our dependency to oil, coz if bussines not good oil company will fall and maybe war will stop, have you ever tour with van fueled with garbage ?
Unfortunately I think there is a reason why other alternatives for fuel have Not been widely adopted. Those in power do not want new cleaner fuel because they will lose billions of dollars in their oil corporations. So we are forced to have to live in a society that’s based on petroleum. We do have to rely on gas money. We have never toured fueled on garbage. Maybe one day we will come across a van that’s ran on vegetable oil. But those are extremely hard to come by, not common at all, at least here in Texas.
17. Any chance for us in here so see you devastating stage in south east Asia? and anything to end this interview?
We would love to come rage in South East Asia. We have no real plans to go over there anytime soon honestly. We don’t have money for the flight tickets. But maybe at some point in the future, we will hit you guys up. We hear and see great things from that area, and aspire to one day go there. Our friends from DIE YOUNGtx went there I believe and said it was amazing. Who knows where the future will take us though. Our last comments are; thank you for doing this and we hope we will be able to get out there at some point in the future. Cheers!

this is the link for their Strength Trough Chaos EP

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 OK This is my first post,an interview with Semarang Thrashcore unit DEADxALLEY, this is an old interview with them, almost one year ago,i have a plan to put this interview in my zine called Kamitotolen, a xeroxed janglish zine,maybe i will give story about my zine on my other post. due to the hiatus of that zine, i think it will be better if i publish this interview in this blog. This band consist by dedicated peoples, some of member  zine maker. Lots of stupid question here....enjoy it.....
1. your most comfortable dresscode to answer this interview and who answer these questions?
V : hello, i'm Vivid.. i ussualy wear "sarung" and "baju koko" to answer every such interview like this,
      and how 'bout you Ndut? what r u wearin' when you interviewed us?
N : a black T-shirt and a short in my own cut plus doc mart or sneakers
R : Hi, Ndut! Nice to know you, before i answer ur question let me introduce myself...I'm Riska 
      farasonalia, you can call me riska... Sometimes I'm working in photography studio, sometimes  
      studying English literature at the University. It ends on my mood!lol Well, i'll try to answer ur 
      question as well as i can :) I most comfort wearing a t'shirt and short pants when i answer u'r 
      question dude,so it will be nice dresscode right??lol
A : I'm Ilham a.k.a a tank,, well, it's a  raining season now, so I'm wearing raincoat.
L : I used to wear my ordinary suit!! That’s more comfortable than wearing the swimsuit on stage
     diving. Hahha.

2. Are all of you speed freak coz in my crappy dictionary thrashcore : play fast or don't, and your band name Dead Alley, so ride fast as fukk and dead on the alley is perfect match, do you love ride motorcycle? your maximum speed?
V : i'm not a speed freak enough, cos it's ok to me to listen another sludge or down tempo music in   
      my winamp, but to tell the people abut revolution is no need to take a long time like another 
      speech from your leader every 16th august in that fukkin MPR building, it will be too boring.  
      we'll tell you to the point without any blablabla... i love motorcycle cos i dont have and i can't 
      drive a car, and i have unlimited maximal speed.. :p
N : I don't like to ride fast on a motorcycle anymore after i've got an accident, crash a tree, so my max 
      speed is 50-60 i think
R : i think i'm not a speed freak, but i love motorcycle with my own maximum speed...that can make
      me feel so exiting coz it can make my heart stop beating!haha
A : I really love my motorcycle cos' it's the  only vehicle that I have, I ride fast  sometimes, but I have
      a motto for riding, it's   : "alon-alon asal klakson"
L: I’m not a speed freak. I also like listening and playing all around music that less slow than Thrash,
     It’s Okay. Actually, I really enjoy to packing the anger and our protest to the Fast Music.Yes I’m
     on  two wheels, but I won’t cares to speed when I ride, just go fukk.

3. My friend from New Born Fire zine told me on his review that DxA is mix between the exploited and WHN? is it true? Coz i found it so ridicolous to mix a giant mohawk with bandana and flipped hat?
V : well, i do believe that every music in this world can be mix one another, try to listen Down I Go
      (UK), you'll find  a classical sound mix with chaotic and metalcore.HC/Trash and Punk is a close
      family genre, and its not very  difficult to mix them as one. And i never tell people what is Dead
      Alley, people will judge us but i will never describe or make a box of definition about what we
N :  you're confused, how am I??? i think our soul is punk but influenced by hardcore,coz we're
       surrounded of many ways of music. it's all up to you to define our music but for me dead alley is
       power beautiful fastcore,hahaha...
R: I think that the main influences are the bands we were listening when we just started (and gave me
     the will to play music), actually we are listening to a very large variety of music... From jazz to
     crustpunk. From electro to 70's rock. From grindcore to pop music. so there is no a big deal mix a
     giant mohawk with bandana and flipped hat,exactly, i think that is pretty awesome...No borders
     between styles!!! haha,
A : That is an effect, when 5 young people with under-average musical ability and their absurd
      musical influences formed a band just to show their existance hhhhh…. It feels good to see the
      disgust in their eyes
L : oyeahhh, do you know? We’d never describing our music, let the Dxa’ers (^ ^) describes like they

4. Do you have a split personality tend to schizophrenia, coz you have another bands, is one not enough or in another band you play emo slowly as opposite to fast dead alley?
V : Damn, is this a serious question?  uhm, you dont need to have two or more personality to make a
      different music or different bands.. Well, sometimes i feel angry, and its a good time to make a
      punk or trashcore songs about my anger, and sometimes i feel in love i will make a pop punk
      songs,.. well, i just feel unsatisfied if i just play for one band we will increase our knowledge by
      make another band but not for that kind of mainstream popular "Malayan" band, nope..and i dont
      have band that play slowly emo like what you said, but i have a plan with my friend to make
      down tempo sludgecore band, and i really really excited with shoegaze and post-core, well if you
      wanna join Ndut... hehehe :)
N : i think this question is belong to vivid or riska or marlin or atenk, coz i don't play in other band, :)
R : Yes. But that has nothing to do with Dead Alley. my sideproject female back up with some of
      female friends. our music is punk riot grrrl like bikini kill,the eyeliner,x-ray spex, but now it
      doesn't exist because there are some of personnels have their own busy activity so they couldn't
      consistent on that band. just for the moment i'm still focusing with Dead Alley
      neverthelesssomeday i'll make my own sideproject with my friends that like da-beat music so
A : I’ll establish a dangdut pantura group with some other friends who feel bored with rock music,
      and the latest info that I got, Nurul and Marlin are ready to be the vocalists, but they have one
      term : there will no tight tiger pants to use when perform..
L : don’t need have multy-personalities to play on another band or music, but I tend my
      self on schizophrenic personality.hoho. And I play some old school punk rock!! I’d never enough
      to live on one genre music.

5. i had bad connection with your city Semarang coz i broke with my girl friend from semarang who stole half of my life, so coz thrashcore is soundtrack of broken heart, isn't it right? tell us why your city is a wonderful place to live and scene report from there?
V : i'm not coming from Semarang, i'm study here for this 5 to 6 years, semarang now in my vein, it
      can't be separated from my life story, it is very hot in a middle of a day and very cold in some hill
      areas of semarang. there are many scene in semarang. Punk, Hardcore, Skinhead, Pop,
      Metalheads, from another kind of lifestyle, sometimes it will come a trouble  but it is fine because
      trouble is increasing our thinking to be a better scene,..
N : how pity you are,hehe, just kidding..yeah, i believe that every band is emo, coz they write their
      song from their heart, right???  I'm not from semarang ndut, i just ride for college life in semarang
      but semarang is very hot, not only the weather but the people too. i think, semarang is the biggest
      female scene city in java or maybe indonesia
R:  just because i'm not coming from semarang, so i just can tell you about this city as far as i
     know.semarang is very hot city, (i think many people have already know about that) with some of
     society tend of consumptive.  so that is unsurprised if there are many rich people who success
     make a good business in here,haha...if you're kind of guy who likes shopping with very down
     price, you dont anywhere market to buy something before you go to  pasar johar it's the biggest
     traditional market in semarang and i think the biggest in central java. if cheap you can down the
     price, you know that traditional market price you can down and the seller say yes you pay what
     you say (price), in traditional language said "ngenyang". smg juga banyak tempat wisata yg
     menarik untuk dikunjungi seperti lawang sewu is the famous place for the thousand doors and
     windows. You can spend ur time for holiday in here  I think semarang is not really different from
     the few other cities. it's really good, the societies stay active and keep on the fight  Everybody i've
     met was really invested in what they were doing, making lot of shows in a DIY way. That's
    great... I feel very well in the DIY scene cause it's really easy to communicate with people taking
    part of it. it's really good, stay active and keep on the fight.. Unpretentious and passionate people!
L : gotta failed?? Try again..hahhaha.Does Semarang is a wonderful place?? It only cause I born there
     and grows. Sometimes, I bore to get here..just leave me out to the London. hhehe There much
     scene like punk, hardcore, skinhead, metalhead, pop. Some scene are disappear, and others rises.
    And any of them gotta bad conection,  like problems. People says it called life, it must be problems.

6. Wolverine wear spandex supergirl wearing ultra mini skirt, mai shiranui ooooh,  do you love comic/manga of superheroes? whats your view on that thing from feminism perspective?
V : Manga? sometimes i read The Black Swindlers it is about Kuroshagi, a deceiver who deceive 
      another deceiver..  From feminism perspective? sorry, i'm coming from Mars not from Hell, ups
      from Venus i mean, kidding.. hehehe :)
N: honestly, I really regret it, but we live in a state where the sensual body of woman / a woman's
     body had been proven to be one of selling products. producers who use women's sensual to sell
     their products will sold because consumers are interested in the picture. so in this case there are
     two parties equally take advantage. and it is difficult to be changed
R : Nope, i dont really like comic/ manga of superheroes. i think the story always tell about black and
      white side so cliche seperti yang jahat akan kalah dan yang baik akan menang atau mimpi
      menyelamatkan dunia dari ancaman bahaya. i prefer reading kind of novels book such as
      adventures, detective, trilogy, comedy, or romance. ....
A : Yeah I like some, the last manga I read was Death Note, the story is about Shinigami The God Of
      Death. I have no comment for feminism, but I always love  woman faces on manga, they’re so
L : manga?? I’m not manga lovers, but I love to watch Bleach and Naruto.From Feminist
     descriptive??what’s that mean??i’m sorry, I don’t know where I shall to see from feminist
     perpective, is about the manga or somewhat??

7. Your Lyrics are short and some of you are zine maker who love to write page after page long column, is it enough to write one or two line or just say aaaaarrrgghhhh? is it any chance for us to hear one hour stop n go speech oration in Sludge emo core?
V : sometimes it is very difficult to write down what is in our mind and it just easier just to say
      aaaaaarrrrrrggghhh!well, you don't have a chance to hear that kind of music from Dead Alley, but
      just wait from my another band, hahahaha but who knows if someday, Dead Alley will change
      their music... haha
N : because to make short lyrics much easier than having to make long lyrics. just waiting dead alley
      will make the song  in one hour duration.  that's good idea but we'll be work hard to make it
R : I think this is not a problem the music with long or short of one when making a song. the most
      important is message that present the good lyrics when we playing music. dead alley lyrics is very
      short because we think we like theme of lyrics that brief, explicit,accurate and solid...haha,
L : sometime, “Aaargh” are enough to represent the meaning, but it also shall point about what it’s
     means. Waw…umm, I don’t event guess  to listening DxA on different music is only to longer the
      lyrics. But If you have a chance, so comes to talk with us. he

8. Law and economic a perfect match for capitalism, "strong" law make long lasting capitalism coz authority make it to fullfil their pocket with money and people with strong economic have a great position and bargaining against the law even can buy  law, so i know some of you studies on that two faculty, any view from you about this messy situation, and i think this is a neverending situation without solution?
V : yeah, it is neverending situation. so, the solution is "buy back the law".. hahaha. be a rich man and
      buy it back and give it back to everybody who need Law,gyahahahahaha... uhm, i never believe in
      my country and every nation in this world they created a law that can be break by theirself, its a
      stupid behaviour when you really believe that the law is created make an equitable social position,
      well you wrong!! well i study in accounting faculty, and just belive me that the best economical
      system now is syari'ah, hahahaha, it is the most fair system, you'll get what you give and every
      person   is controllabel by their faith to the God, and the angels will be a debt collector when you
      try to cheat.. OK? :p
N : we realized that we were involved in a field which is very closely with capitalism, but because I
      am studying in economics,  it will make me know what I should do to face grip of capitalism.
      especially in Indonesia which this mess was already very difficult   to turn it into a comfortable 
      place to live. but it's start from yourself, make a self revolution and then your community, by
      making zine,  food not bombs, DIY collective to make an alternative business, i think that's a great
A : I think there’s so many people give the solutions on this issue, by pamflets, zines, journals or even
      their direct action.  But, this solutions is not gonna worked if “the poor” still believe that their life
      is doing alright, well they always fed   with the nationalism and patriotism, the things that doesn’t
      really important for their life.
L : yeahh..the mess up situation will never end. But the problems usually not point on the law, but it is
     on the law enforcer (penegak hukum).  Because they constituted to arrange the law constitution. If
     only the law maker is more capacited,  and not seen from one side of perspective of industrial
     needed, and private needed from the maker may the capitalism will not roots.  Today, in the law,
     people more interest on “How to wins” than the truth. The Laws is sells out, it one point why the
     law is also trapped on capitalism,  because of the profit that they looking for.

9. Why there's no punk farmer as far as i know in here, coz instead wear mask, walking bring the flag on demo march and the result is another photo in myspace, is it better wear mask and harvesting rice on the field, the result is rice that we can  eat on, do you love gardening ?
V : we live in the land of heaven (Koes Ploes said that), for every seed we plant here will produce
      good product of nature,  but this is a new modern life, and Hantam Rata said that "Modern Life is
      a Nightmare", every person will no longer   believe to their mother earth, they just believe in
      machine so called modern! as long as i know, you, me and every  person nowadays become
      victimize by modern life, and off course the revolution way is changing too, not only be a farmer
      but maybe by following a demonstration, it called revolution (haha), but it is to shamed when
      some people like my own friend follow the demonstration and wear a mask, yelling some
      revolution songs, but their basic purpose is just for SELF PUBLICATION!!Hey, i'm here bringing
      anarchy flag, i'm coooooooooollll!!!! fukk yeah!! anyway, i dont like gardening but my mom does.
N : i agree with you but we can't stop them who wants to be eksist in network sites. and about why
      there's no punk farmer, wear mask, walking bring the flag on demo march it's because they do not
      have enough time and energy to march against government,  they tend to think to cultivate their
      land, because if they march they will not get money to support his family.  I was quite sad to see
      farmers in Indonesia which is their welfare was neglected, but who else can give us rice than
      farmers??  I like gardening. it's diy thing
A : Well actually I do love gardening, but the problem is I don’t have area to do that, so I choose to
      make an animal farm. Punk is free to do what they want with responsibility, do march, gardening,
      drinking till puke, or sewing maybe? That’s their own choices.
L: I don’t like gardening, but my parent and my brother do. he Umm, I duno why more than activist
     punk is likes wear mask and stands among the demonstration than gardening. May it cause the
     protest is more cheaper than gardening which actually need the cost.hahaha Yeaghh..just like you
     said, hoisting a flag standing among the demonstration and taking a picture is  more cool than you
     uploading picture to your facebook or mypace where you in the garden and bringing a hoe. Hope
     that they really shout their opinion on  the demonstration than enjoying the camera.

10. Do HC/Punk too much complain and not grateful with what they've get,i.e: you can study on a famous college, not so worry with breakfast tomorrow or we don't follow Sex Pistol with lonely boy and must think about anyone else include animals? or we just fullfil our hole with pretend that we're punk so must struggle altough we have more privilages than anyone else?
V: HC/Punk fated to protest, i will not tell you a story where are HC/Punk was born right?? i think
     you  already know. struggle is something that has a thousand meanings, so what do you mean??
     every each person in this world has their own definition. Struggling is not just for HC/Punk, or
     may  be you think that HC/punk struggle for their economical life so they can't be in a college? i
     dont think so, every human have their own struggle individually, but when we talk about
     collectively, may be there will be one or two same reason we have to struggle collectively.
N : maybe complain is right. but depending on what they complain, could be about scene conditions,
      environmental,  social, political, etc. because not all  HC / punk have a (perfect) life like you
      mentioned based on your question.
L: As I believe HC/Punk is born to resist and protest which it become the part of HC/Punk it self.
     shall  we trapped on the same situation like now?? And the complain like you mean is some
     protest to reach the better life.

11. I never saw you perform on the stage, so with two vokills, what they do on the stage? speech oration then discussion or playing chess coz gary kasparov tell us very intelegent, you're not dumb don't you? and what happen to rest of the member?smash the drum, kick the guitar?? coz that punk enough dont you?
V : well, they do nothing exactly (sorry Lin and Roel), hahahaha, maybe they just speak one or two
      words and then we kick  the stage out again!!
N : waw, that' good idea, but we don't have much money just to pay off that broken drum or
      guitars,hehe...  me and marlin do a little oration and sometime we play card while we're
A : I didn’t know what they did, I was stoned and I’m busy playing with my instrument (fuck! I hate
     drop D!!)  I just hope they’d do a lip-kiss just like Madonna and Britney… hehe… Viva La
     Illuminati.. (well, I’m kidding)
R : Hard to describe coz i play a music in back of them, so i could't see anything in front of me. i'm
      so seriously with my playing   hard.haha, i just to know they scream scream and scream loud but i
      hope, someday both of them could jumping on wild mosh pit and  circle pit or stage diving...yeah!
      that's pretty awesome right??
L : hmm, the word that you tells so inspirited, but I prefer playing poker than chess, hhehe. It’s
     enough to shout one or more two words.

12. Nowadays disaster hits Indonesia simultaniously, what you or me have done or should do for that, coz we're live in the land with disaster threat, is not impossible someday the disaster will hit us, as athrashcore who love japanesse thrash and they survive, should we learn to japan again?
V : No!! we dont need to,... we have Mama Loren and Ki Joko Bodo right?? do you remember, in this
      early year when we was entering 2009, Mama Loren said thet there will be a catastrophy in
      Indonesia such as "litle tsunami" and earthquake, and the fact is we've got Situ Gintung tragedy
      and west Sumatera quake. heal Mama Loren!! heal!!
N : we are not able to avoid disaster, but with so many disasters that happened today, especially in
       Indonesia,  we should improve our mindset and behaviour, because many disasters caused by
       man himself.dispose of litter is trivial but the consequences of flooding. besides corporate parties,
       police and government should also more use their brain by giving the ban for entrepreneurs who
       want to build a mall,and that's rainfed areas, or forests are cleared only for their profit when the
       forests are the lungs of the world.  the point is to keep the balance of nature, what we take from
       nature we should be able to return.
A : People sets their own death, and now they’re frightened!!
R : i think the world condition is not ok.I think the world is really full, too much polution. maybe we
      need another  planet to be a second earth..hahaha, so we just can make a better world with a little
L : nope, we don’t need learns from Japan again. Safe your self from the disaster, hhaha. Love your
     earth, respect the place you alive.

13. HC/Punk world is commonly not fair, just like a whole new world coz nowadays many bands from abroad toured in Indonesia and on the other side i can use my finger of my right hand to count amount  of Indonesian bands who can tour abroad, and the more pathetic is  bands from abroad who come to tour to indonesia oftenly dont know if there's a huge HC/punk scene (thanks to myspace), so don't you think it's just same situation just like long time ago when our grand pa know about Beatles and copy it and the result is Koes Ploes?
V : according to me, they (HC/Punk bands from abroad) know that Indonesia has a huge HC/Punk
      scene, if they don't know they  will not came here. So, what is your question about??
      Scene,international HC/Punk bands or about Originality? it's too circulating!! anyway, its just a
      music, theres a litle originality here, every kind of music in Indonesia must be have  their
      influence in abroad, but the more important is the purpose of your music, coz it will bring your
      music to the highest degrees of music level. i mean, what are you playing music for??
N : i think the problem is money. if local band have enough money to go abroad for tour maybe we
      can be popular in abroad, is important thing too
R:  i dont know i think it could be fun if we do some abroad tour go outside from indonesia.but the
      important thing is all of us like  travelling to abroad..haha,  you know its so amazing when you get
      yourself in unpredictable places and conditions. found some new experience, meet new people,
      get new friends, see beautiful views. maybe first we can do a DIY split album project with many
      bands of abroad after we contact each other  through and we have an idea “hey
      dude how about split tour….sounds great….is it?”.  and we agree for do tour abroad as soon as
      possible certainly after all of us get holiday. so we will plan it and start to contact  some friends on
      abroad to make it real. so we did 50 gigs in different cities around abroad. simple as
      like that. we hope  and we're gonna make it true! :)
L: I think they know about Hc/Punk scene in Indonesia, is the matter why they choose Indonesia for
     the tour. And in the Hc/Punk scene also give no fair sometimes, the fact is not only about the
     foreign country tour, where they only like to be invited than inviting the other. Just like ain’t fair
     situation. Umm, does we talking in about the scene or originality??do you?

14. what is your goal or something to achieve when you starts Dead Alley or involve in HC/Punk generally? any view or ever imagine you will gain enough resources to keep your life movin' by living and practicing DIY ethic? got money from band and not  spend your entire month salary in a year to tour etc? or i.e yeah i studies law, i will be rich lawyer and i will spend my weekend in circle pit?
V : i never imagine that i can make money from this band, if i want produce money from music i will
      make a power pop teen band  like a Pee Wee Gaskins or Rocket Rockers, never imagine it. But
      sometimes to make a little "promotion" about this band  we need to sell some shirt of this band
      with low price off course. uhm, interpreneur life sometimes looks like DIY ethic,  hahahahahaha,
      cos you have to stand by your own, and i'll choose it coz i hate become a white collar worker!!
N : DIY ethics for me is the spirit to face life. in addition, diy ethics also influence my way of
      thinking of doing something. My goal in deadxalley just for fun and reduce stress, but there is
      another purpose is to share what's become of our complaints so far. we do not think to seek money
      from the band. educational background is quite important for me to get money now, but of course
      I'll never forget what is my root.
R:  We try to manage our band in a DIY and no-profit ethic/way cause it seems important to preserve
       a space where people don't come to the shows to just consume music and then go back home.
       Music can be a great way to meet people, to share feelings,   to share our anger, to question
       ourselves and the world surrounding us and maybe try to make our own communities a better
       places to live.   i think DIY is a way of thinking and acting. It's not only being independant in a
       financial way or starting your own record-label,   it is putting relationships on the first level.We
       are not part of the music business. We don't care. We are doing music because   we like it much
       more than any other activity. We are not “wannabees”. Personnaly, I don't give a damn about
       famous or selling tons of records.  I just want to meet exciting people who share the same passion
       as mine.Playing music is also a mean to travel and that's fantastic.  Doing both things you like the
       most at the same time! You are writing to people asking for help, then you meet them, you eat
       and in their house.  Wahou, this is just amazing. To me, that's what DIY is all about.
L : Hmm, I never guess to gotta much material profits, specially on money from this band, but I
      looking for non-material profits. Yeah I study on Law faculty  but I don’t even my self to be an
      advocate. I prefer want my self be the rich ambassador or entrepreneur who spent the week end
      enjoy on circle pit. Hhaha..   and I think the job can applied by DIY etic. By the way, does I say to
      applied my self on DIY etic, I prefer like LSDSFY (let someone else do something for u).hahahaha
15. I think its enough to annoys you, you can sleep well now,any plans for the future? make a garden, bungy jump while play playing short set, etc? your contact if people want to date with all of you?
V : i have a plan to make a social super big corporate to buy the license of Mc.D all around indonesia
      and i'll be the richest person in Indonesia, after 5 years i'll drop it down and make a big building to
      use as a venue for every gigs in this town, hahay.. :p for contact :
N : thanks for wasting your time interviewing us. plan ahead maybe we'll launch a new album or have
      a gig in somalia...
R : yeah i still have my own dreams there are a lot of plans in my mind that will blow up, i want to
      travel around the world.i want to stop as daily worker. i want see a better world. so many
      dreams……hahahahaha. the answer needs a long answer. its not a simple question i answered. ok
      make it shortly here, i think the world condition is not ok. and plans for Dead Alley now we
      prepare for the next album maybe split with another band and we have plan for tour in several
      places, i hope...Thanks for your patience, my friend, and thanks for your questions... That's
      fucking  cool to be in touch with a guy I've never met but someone I feel connected with...    Hope
      to meet you soon...
A : I just want to ask you a question : What is the meaning of Kamitotolen? Is that similar with
     Kamitetep? If they are the same thing, I want to know how to heal kamitetep cos’ I really feel hurt
     and tortured about this shit!  Try to saving and Buy your friend their dreams, I’ll wait for you in
     polewali mandar!
L : I have much plan for my future, anything like moving to London, making gigs in London to my
     friend’s Indonesian band, meet Jude Law, get the new terrain to live in my way and the people
      inside, do Backpacker to natural places, hhahaha